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What a joyous day June 15th was for not only the 1,000 folks who received a Teddy Bear, we volunteers were forever emotionally touched! All volunteers had one simple assignment during the hour of teddy bear distribution. This was to simply give a furry stuffed animal “to anyone under the height of their waist” while walking the floors of many local hospitals and organizations. The locations for the venue were:

  • Texas Children’s Hospital –Medical Center
    Texas Children's Hospital – The Woodlands
    Texas Children’s Hospital – Katy
    Shriner’s Hospital – Medical Center
    Kidz Harbor
    Harris Health’s LBJ Hospital
    SEARCH’s House of Tiny Treasures
    Ronald McDonald House
    Freedom Place (Arrow child & Family Ministries)
    Small Steps Nurturing Center – Depelchin
    Small Steps Nurturing Center – Jensen 

 We delivered to eleven sites this year. We have received huge amounts of gratitude from all of the delivery locations. This special day would not have been possible without the contributions as well as the time and energy of each individual who volunteered for this event.

Thanks to all who made this event a success! And, much appreciation to Jack Serpas, Darin Dillon, Tiffany Wiggins, Paul Fisher, Timothy Cook, Mark Tucker, Chuck Adkins, Guy Bills, Jerry Flores, David Lee, Todd Zimbeck, Susie & George Mallard, Phil Bratton, Steve Greise, Lynsey Hanks, Marcus Segura, David Lee, Lida Foster, Kimberly Levicky, Tyrosa Adams, Andrea Hellyer plus all of the help from the local hospitals and organizations for generous provisions of time, smiles and compassion to children who needed a boost!


Should you have suggestions as to how we may make future events better for this annual charity event, please contact Kathy Giddings via e-mail at Kgiddings@whelansecurity.com or her cell phone of 713-503-1950. 



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